1399: Small, Large, or Equal

Memory Limit:128 MB Time Limit:1.000 S
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Submit:56 Solved:30


     Write a program which prints small /large /equal relation of given two integers a and b.


        Two integers a and b separated by a single space are given in a line.


   For given two integers a and b, print

    a < b,   if a is less than b,

   a > b,   if a is greater than b, and

   a == b,   if a equals to b.

Sample Input Copy

5 5

Sample Output Copy

a == b


-1000 ≤ a, b ≤ 1000

Sample Input 2:

1 2

Sample Output 2:

a < b

Sample Input 3:

4 3

Sample Output 3:

a > b